Double Sided Tape

 Nitto N221 is a white industrial grade PE foam tape with a high-tack acrylic adhesive. Available in 12mm, 18mm and 24mm widths, it is ideal for bonding high energy surfaces such as metal, glass and plastics, tested adhesion to stainless steel is 2.84 N / 10mm. The soft ductile foam core can provide a permanent fixing of slightly irregular substrates. The 1mm thick polyethylene foam is light and durable, it dampens vibration, absorbs shock and reduces potential noise between mating surfaces. Nitto N221 tape provides resistance to air, dust and water penetration and has an operating temperature range of -20°C to +90°C.

Nitto Double Sided Tape N221 Double Sided Tape Suitable for Metal Rubber and Plastics Nitto N221 Foam Double Sided Tape Rolls

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