Cable Joints

Heat Shrink Kits or submersible pump kits from Radiform are also suitable for above ground LV cable joints. Cold Shrink silicone tubing is water repellent UV resistant and does not require tools for installation. Gel Kits from HellermannTyton are quick to install straight or branch connector kits, see the video's in this category to choose the right connectors for your application.Resin Kits from HellermannTyton utilise a long shelf life polyurethane resin and feature a safe filling system. Wrap Around adhesive lined heat shrink from Radiform allows cable sheath repairs without cutting cables, they are also useful when re-entry to a cable joint may required, rated to 1kV.

Submersible Pump Cable Joint Kits Gel and Resin Cable Joint Kits Hellermann Tyton 

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