Thin Wall Heat Shrink Tubing

Thin wall heat shrink tubing, SCG, from Radiform provides insulation to 600VAC and is available in wide range of colours that are flame retardant and self extinguishing to UL224 125°C VW1. UL Listed File E523862 (All except clear). All SCG colours are UV stabilised with the exception of the clear. Available in 1.2m lengths and convenient heat shrink dispenser boxes or purchase by the reel. Red2Go also manufacture cut lengths to suit your requirements, contact Steve Ball on 1800 733 246 for a quotation. SCG applications include, insulation for switch and connector terminals, colour coding and insulation of connectors or cables, the insulation for passive electronic components, and is ideal for the formation of light duty wiring harnesses.

UV Resistant Thin Wall Heat Shrink Tubing Thin Wall Heat Shrink Electronics Insulation Clear Heat Shrink Tubing Over Cable Labels

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Thin wall heat shrink used for insulation, colour coding and cable identification.