Heat Shrink Joint Kits

Heat shrink cable joint kits from Radiform are designed to join flat to circular cables for use in submersible pump cable joints, they can also be used for above or below ground LV 3 and 4 core cable joints for 1mm² to 6mm² conductors. The kits contain 4 of each 1.5, 2.5, 4, and 6mm² tinned copper links, 4 pre-cut lengths of RDW dual wall heat shrink and a specifically designed length of high shrink ratio, heavy adhesive lined, heat shrink tube. The sealed poly pack kit also contains instructions, fine glass paper and an isopropyl alcohol cleaning wipe. A correctly installed Radiform heat shrink kit provides electrical insulation to 600VAC.

Radiform Heat Shrink Submersible Pump Cable Joint Kits Low Voltage Heat Shrink Cable Joint Kits Direct Bury LV Heat Shrink Cable Joint Kits

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