Cable Glands

Matelec high quality nylon 6/6 cable glands with silicone rubber seals, rated to IP68, UV and vibration resistant. The range of 8 sizes covers 12mm to 63mm in thread size and 3mm to 44mm cable diameter. Widely used in the telecommunications, instrumentation, control, data and electrical industries. Nylon glands provide a cost effective method of terminating cables to cabinets, enclosures and bulkheads and effectively seal out dust and water. The ingress protection (IP) rating is 68, the 6 being completely dust tight and 8 being protected against prolonged effects of water immersion.

Nylon Cable Glands IP68 with Neoprene Washer Nylon Cable Glands available in bulk quantities Nylon 6/6 Cable Glands UV Resistant

Customers please note: There is a global shortage of Polyamide 6/6 (PA6/6), which has resulted in significant cost increases. We have absorbed these increases to date, however the latest price hike has forced Red2Go to revise the pricing on products that use PA6/6 as their base material. Products categories affected are Nylon Ties, UV Ascend Ties, Nylon Tie Mounts, Nylon Cable Glands, and Nylon Conduit Glands. As of the 1st of July, 2018, products in these categories have incured a 10% net increase.

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