Spiral Wrap 40 to 54mm ID Black 20m Spool


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Spiral Wrap 40 to 54mm ID Black 20m Spool

Australian manufactured, high density polyethylene spiral sheathing designed for heavy duty protection in a wide
range of industrial applications.

Spiral Wrap is designed for use in applications requiring protection of electrical cable, hydraulic hose, air
and gas lines. The excellent durability of the wrap provides enhanced impact and abrasion resistance, safeguarding the integrity of the contents.

Radiform Spiral wrap has excellent chemical resistance, good UV stability, a long fatigue life and the ability
to withstand high and low temperature extremes.

Fitting Guildlines

Part No. Cable / Hose O.D. Range
RMSW16 12 to 17mm
RMSW20 16 to 22mm
RMSW25 20 to 28mm
RMSW32 24 to 33mm
RMSW40 32 to 42mm
RMSW50 40 to 54mm
RMSW60 52 to 65mm

Length requirement guideline
In applications requiring a tight fit, Spiral wrap will expand to fit the hose, tube or cable. Extra
length of spiral wrap will be needed to recover the shortfall. This additional length can be estimated as follows:  Actual Length Required = ( Hose O.D. ÷ Spiral Wrap I.D. ) x Hose Length


Part No. I.D mm Wall mm Width mm
RMSW16 12 +/-0.5 2.25 +/-0.25 9.5 +/-0.5
RMSW20 15 +/-0.5 2.5 +/-0.25 14.5 +/-0.5
RMSW25 19 +/-0.5 2.75 +/-0.25 17.5 +/-0.5
RMSW32 23 +/-0.5 3.5 +/-0.25 22 +/-0.5
RMSW40 30.5 +/-0.5 4.25 +/-0.25 29 +/-1.0
RMSW50 38 +/-0.5 4.25 +/-0.25 35 +/-1.0
RMSW60 47 +/-0.5 5.5 +/-0.25 35 +/-1.0









Temperature Ratings

 Minimum continuous operating temperature -50°C
 Maximum continuous operating temperature +80°C
 Minimum short term operating temperature -65°C
 Maximum peak/short term operating temperature +100°C


 Flame retardance UL94 V0 – Self-extinguishing

Chemical Resistance

 Medium Resistant Non-resistant
 Fuels/Automotive fluids    
 Aliphatic hydrocarbons  
 Aromatic hydrocarbons  
 Brake/hydraulic fluid  
 Organic solvents    
 Organic acids  
 Inorganic acids  

Spiral Wrap complies with the requirements of RoHS

Brand Radiform

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